maccas4evrlver (maccas4evrlver) wrote in beatlesresearch,

Royal charity premiere of Help

If anyone has any information about the Royal charity premiere of Help at the London Pavillion on July 29th, 1965 attended by Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am particularly interested in the dinner/seating arrangements, if there are any records of such a thing happening.

Also, if anyone has pictures of the event, that would be helpful. Especially of Jane Asher (I'm curious to know what she was wearing), John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and even John's Aunt Mimi.

A fic is brewing, but I would like some background on this event as it plays a big part in the fic I'm working on. It's partially from Aunt Mimi's point of view of the event and I only know that she was there and wrote about it in a letter to one of John's young fans Jane Wirgman...

If anyone has further info about it, such as the layout of the evening and big things that happened, I would greatly appreciate it.

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