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Some questions

I was wondering if someone could tell me some info.

Starting off with some photos:


I'm guessing this is John. Who's next to him? When was this taken?

2. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is John. When was this taken?

3. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Who took this one and when? What was it used for? I'm pretty sure the one in the back is Cynthia, the one in the very front is Jane, and I'm pretty sure the one to Jane's left is Maureen. Is the other one Pattie?

Now for questions

4. When did Paul get Martha?
5. How old was she when he got her?
6. How old was she when she died?
7. When did she die?

8. What was Ruth McCartney's relationship with Paul pre 1970?(I know she's his stepsister)
9. What's there relationship like today?
10. Did Ruth ever meet the other Beatles?
11. Did she meet anyone else related to Paul?

12. What are Julian Lennon's emotions like? Is he quiet?
13. Does he have a current girlfriend?

Please excuse me if there are too many questions.
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It's fine...we all have questions...

Let's see for pic 1 that's George with John...and both pics 1 and 2 I think were taken when John, Cynthia, George, and Pattie took a trip to Tahiti

3. Actually at the very front that is Jenny Boyd, Pattie's sis, is at the front. Then Pattie is the one on our left and it's Maureen on the right :D

Also, I think Paul got Martha '66 when she was a puppy, but I'm not that sure.