abbihalsey (abbihalsey) wrote in beatlesresearch,

Post- Brian Beatles Earnings

I am compiling a book based on the business side of the music industry and am in search of data regarding earnings from projects created by and supported by Brian Epstein which The Beatles have profited from after he died. Such projects include, but are not limited to, Yellow Submarine and its re-issue earnings in 1990's, as well as A Hard Day's Night and it's re-issue also in the 1990's. Please post any other projects which have netted them and their estates' earnings as well as any numbers relating to profits. My research has given me a wide range of estimated earnings but results which are greatly polarized and thus subject to doubt. Any links to pages where I could access people with such knowledge, like the Royal Office of Taxation ( just kidding) would also be helpful. Anyone got the email address for Walter Shenson? Does Walter know how to use a computer?
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