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beatlesresearch's Journal

Ask a question, get an answer
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A resource for writers of Beatles fanfic
What were John Lennon's favorite pubs in Liverpool, and what did they look like inside? How many television channels were there in 1967? What sort of music did Brian Epstein listen to when he wasn't listening to the Beatles? What's the difference between a jelly baby and a jelly bean? Were any of the Beatles' roadies and assistants really like Norm and Shake from A Hard Day's Night? When John used the word "fag," did he really just mean a cigarette?

So many questions, so few answers. Now you have somewhere to ask.

beatlesresearch is meant to be a resource for fanfic writers and for those who are simply curious. Questions about the history of the Beatles and about day-to-day life in Britain in the 60s are equally welcome. Answers are even more welcome.

There are some helpful essays over at beatle_resource. Please ask here if you can't find what you're looking for over there.

When you're asking a question, please give as much detail as you can. Please let us know where you've tried already. And please don't complain if someone suggests that you can find your answers in a book rather than on a website.